"Wisdom is sweeter than honey,

Brings more joy than wine,

Illuminates more than the sun,

Is more precious than jewels,

She causes the ears to hear and the heart to comprehend".


~makeda, queen of sheba, circa 1000bce






Under the Same Moon explores the magical notion of past lives shared between two kindred spirits. As a couple, strong yet sensitive, Tunde Muhammad and damaged but beautiful, Oni Derricotte, begin to understand they have shared love in a past existence.


 In present day urban Cleveland, Ohio, Tunde and Oni meet at his fitness center where they find they have much in common. The bond is sealed when Tunde channels to her a mystical peek into his past life experience. Unable to resist the magnetic pull of their shared destiny, Oni is hooked.  


 But there is more to Tunde than his striking and attractive physical exterior. Tunde is the leader of a secret organization, the Guard, which is dedicated to working toward the cultural redemption of all New World Africans, those whose generations have been displaced by the Atlantic Slave Trade. Because of his underground activities he is intimately acquainted with the gritty culture of the urban streets, as well as the highest echelons of government in Africa and the Caribbean.


From very different worlds and backgrounds, filled with both secrets and difficult pasts, Tunde and Oni pursue their relationship, falling in love. What they don’t understand is their journey has been predestined by their African ancestors whose spirits exist in another place in time.


They find that their love does not only break their notions of what could be in their own lives, but the impacts supersede the flesh: they find that their love affects the world beyond, and their ancestors’ yearnings are satisfied only through the redemption of Tunde and Oni’s strengthened bond.


This gripping tale of an enduring love transcending all time, will leave readers longing for more.


In the literary styling of Octavia Butler’s Kindred, and Tannarieve Due’s The Ancestors, Under the Same Moon explores ideas of unexplained forces having an impact on the daily lives of individuals.